OFF-TRACK: Ruger 1022 Buildup, Making a Match Grade .22!


Now we could press the bedding block/pillar into the hole we just made in the JB weld. The purpose of this is to make a solid, positive and non compressible mounting surface for the receiver to bolt into instead of wood or soft plastic that can compress and shift due to bolt torque, humidity or temperature.  All of these are changes can cause your point of aim to shift.  With the receiver firmly bolted to this solid mount and with the forward damping pad lightly touching the barrel, vibrations that can affect accuracy, particularly vertical stringing, are greatly reduced.

TRGRiQ girl was complaining that the gun was too front heavy for non bench work and we agreed. The forward weighted Green Mountain match barrel was heavy in offhand shooting and slow to move quickly in action shooting. We replaced the Green Mountain barrel with this Volquartsen lightweight carbon fiber barrel.  The Volquartesen barrel starts off as a heavy stainless match barrel but has the center machined down to a pencil like diameter. Then a carbon fiber sleeve is slid over the the inner barrel and the end cap is torqued down to put the inner barrel in tension.  This gives the stiffness of a thick match barrel with the lightness of a stock barrel.  It is also beautiful to look at too boot!

We admit that adding this Volquartesen forward blowing compensator is mostly for looks since .22's have so little recoil but you gotta admit that it does indeed look badass.  With the scope at high magnification and shooting fast offhand, the image does bounce around a little less though. 

The M4 rear buttstock on the Tapco stock was a little chintzy so we put a Magpul CTR piece on to upgrade it.  The CTR has an adjustable cam so you can adjust the free play out of it for a rattle free hold. That's what the forward lever does.

We really liked our since discontinued P-22 Nikon rimfire scope so we upgraded to the 3×9 Nikon Prostaff with a large 40mm objective for a larger and brighter field of view.  The Prostaff has a bullet drop compensator reticule that is calibrated for the .22LR cartridge.  The optics are very good for a $180 scope.  We think Nikon scopes are a good value in general.


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