OFF-TRACK: Ruger 1022 Buildup, Making a Match Grade .22!


More Recent Updates To the 1022

A few years have gone by since we built this rifle and TRGRiQ girl has gotten a lot bigger and her .22 shooting interests have changed from firing groups on the bench to shooting fast action steel targets and .22 tactical shoots.  Her equiment has changed to both suit her size and the faster action type of shooting she now enjoys.

One thing we wanted to try was to bed our stock to help accuracy some more.  On a 1022 barrel flex on a modded gun isn't so much of an issue but flex between the barrel and the receiver. Volquartesen sells this simple kit to pillar bed the receiver to the stock and to put a slight amount of tension on the barrel to damp vibrations.  The kit comes with an aluminum bedding block, a installation tool to counterbore the stock for the bedding block and some foam damping pads.

Since our plastic Tapco stock is hollow around where the bedding block sits, we had to make it solid. We figured that some JB weld putty would make it more solid than just about anything!

You can see the area where the attachment bolt for the stock to receiver goes is just hollow with a compressible and flexible plastic pillar.   This is no good for stiffness and repeatability.  We would have to make this area solid.

We filled this area up with the JB Weld putty and let it harden for a few hours.

We also filled up an area near the front of the stock with the putty were we could stick the damping pad.  In hindsight we should have filled the entire stock up with the JB weld to make it more solid than wood.  This would have yield even better results.

With the countersinking tool that came with the Volquartsen kit, we bored a hole in the JB weld for the pillar until the positive stop hit bottom. If you had a wood stock you would bore into the wood like this .


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