OFF-TRACK: Ruger 1022 Buildup, Making a Match Grade .22!


For optics we chose Nikon's P22 scope.  The P22 is considered to be a tactical scope meaning that is is ruggedized and waterproof to take rough handling.  It is a 2 to 7 power zoom scope which makes it work for fast action and precise shooting depending on the zoom setting.  It has a special reticule with a bullet drop compensation scale that matches the ballistic characteristics of the .22 lr cartridge so you can compensate for bullet drop over long ranges.
The P22 comes with quick adjust return to zero turrets for fast windage and elevation adjustment.  The mounts are stiff CNC billet parts that are designed to fit a Picatinny rail.  As you can see the long Volquartsen rail helps you fit better scopes on the 1022.  The P22 is really designed for AR15's with .22 conversion kits.  
Check out how the scope clears the folding Magpul rear sight.  We love the beautiful machining on the Volquartsen parts like the bolt, rail and trigger.
Here is the details of the recessed target crown on our Green Mountain bull barrel.  The machining is beautiful on this part as well.  A laminated hardwood conventional stock would look so awesome with this rifle!  It would looks a little less evil black gun as well.  The really trick wood, free floating match stocks are also pretty expensive though. You can see the Magpul folded front site.
The billet trigger housing looks awesome and contrasts nicely with the stainless parts and the matte black receiver.  You can see the enlarged bolt hold open tab and the big magazine release.  The trigger housing also makes up a large part of the magazine as well.  The stock Ruger magazine well is loose and sloppy.  The Volquartsen trigger housing causes the magazine well to be tight and precise.  The magazines don't rattle around much and remove smoothly without binding.  The tightness probably helps bullet feed reliability as well.
Our rifle looks like the precision instrument it is and looks pretty mean as well.  Its .22 caliber means it's bark is way worse than its bite but it is sure fun to shoot and trying to do bulls eyes with a .22 at 200 yards on a windy day is like trying to hit targets at 1000 yards with your big boy target rifle and a tenth of the cost!  Which is gonna be more fun?


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