Overdose: The Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ Invasion of SEMA Show 2012


The last thing most people think of is the phrase “bad ass” when they hear the word “bunny”. However, this Rocket Bunny body kit equipped Fatlace FR-S is simply badass.


Cusco’s product development team also binged out on development of FR-S and BRZ components.  Their product line offering includes everything from lower control arms and chassis bracing to a differential cover, coilovers and sway bars.


Jeremy Lookofsky of Honda drag racing fame, put together this unique FR-S for the Scion booth.  His style has always intrigued me as it seems to be a mix of influences from several different car cultures and genres.


Even the Australians came to the show with their forced induction offering. Check out Sprintex’s supercharger kit for the FR-S and BRZ which is slated to come to market before the new year. 


So… other than that this FR-S looks cool and was in the ENEOS oil booth… we don’t actually know too much about this one – feel free to fill us in on the details!


Some SEMA Show attendess didn’t respond well and overdosed from the repeated exposure to the FR-S and BRZ.  The strain was just too much for this couple who sought refuge on the floor of the less intense Ford booth. Admitedly, I pondered joining them on the floor, but pressed on instead.

If I’ve done my job right, by now you’ve clearly decided that you either hate the FR-S & BRZ or want to buy one.  Where do I stand?  Call me old school, but for now I’ll happily stick with my B12 Sentra and S13 240SX, thank you. Now, off to see my girl Trinity! ( * )( * )

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