SEMA 2012 Wrapup
SEMA 2012
This was the craziest I'd ever seen Tuesday.  Though by Friday, half of these folks had probably dropped dead as even my quest for Haggard Model Search on 2012 left me with empty booths…

 SEMA 2012 Wrapup

by Sarah Forst


SEMA 2012 invaded the Las Vegas Convention Center this past week.  Every year, SEMA unveils the top cars, products, and trends to salivating auto enthusiasts.  Follow MotoIQ around as we try to survive the hypermiler foot race during the day and the liver challenging networking at night.  Get out your dirty socks – I'm about to recap SEMA for our MIQ readers.

First, the winners of Hottest 2012 'ish, basically a count of the greatest number of vehicles from each category.

SEMA 2012 Winners:

Ford Mustang
Hottest Car: Ford Mustang


MotoIQ Scion FR-S
Hottest Sport Compact: Scion FR-S (MIQ's own)


Jeep Wrangler
Hottest 4×4-SUV: Jeep Wrangler (you'd think there were no others…)


Kelderman Ford F-250 Super Duty
Hottest Truck: Ford F-series

Other MotoIQ winners:

Best Party: Falken/ProMotion party (pics on last page) Thursday night, Club Chateau at Paris.  Gotta roll VIP to this one which MIQ did after some begging and pleading.  We don't mind losing a little dignity in exchange for open air, free drinks, and couches.

Best Halloween costume: MIQ man, our superhero – so fast, we couldn't catch a pic!

Best late night munchie place: Secret Pizza at the Cosmo Hotel.  You can't find it on the hotel map so I'll hint that you should enjoy a nice game of pool on the 2nd floor and look for a hallway littered with historic album covers. As a craft beer whore too, it was nice to see a Stone IPA on draft after drowning in a half a case of Heinekens at the club.

Best Music: the DJ at Haze nightclub at Aria had us booty shaking harder than the chicks on stage. It didn't hurt that the gold wristbands we were given by another club got us free drinks for a few hours until someone finally realized they weren't exactly the right color…


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