SEMA 2012 Wrapup


Last year's word for SEMA nightlife was wood pile.  This year, we're calling it a campfire!  Put a bunch of car dorks in Vegas, mix in some table service and $500 bottles of Grey Goose (just slightly bigger than those they sell in airplanes), throw in some girls that are shaking what their momma's gave 'em, sprinkle a touch of energy drink, and you get one helluva nightlife scene.  I should mention – most networking happens here.  The parties this year were off the hooking chain…  After I carefully cropped out the incriminating or unflattering pictures (just one or two – wink, wink), I'll share a few with the MIQ readers so you can be a part of our fun.  Next year, we'll see you there?

Tuesday Night

Industry Soiree at Tao (Venetian)

MIQ girls
Kerryann De La Cruz, Annie Sam, Sarah Forst, and Lesley Peters


Tao dancers
Besides the dancers and a few MIQ car chicks, looking for a girl at a SEMA party is like playing a game of Where's Waldo.


Wednesday Night (Halloween!)

Scion/Lexus Party at Haze (Aria)

Annie with George and ChuckSarah and Mike
Annie seems a little freaked out by the Nerd Alliance, Chuck Johnson and George Peters, dressed as a baby in a pink snuggie…Cowgirl Sarah and Captain Kirk with a Mardi Gras hat Mike.


Annie and Chuck
Nothing kills the munchies like some late night brains; Yukio Taira AKA Charlie Brown with Scott.MIQ hotties Annie Sam and Chuck Johnson.


Thursday Night

Falken/ProMotion Party at Chateau (Paris) 


Kerryann and ScottGeorge, Lesley, Aaron
Race car driver Kerryann De La Cruz and Scott Vanderheide from Nissan Race Shop.George and Lesley Peters and Aaron LaBeau.


Clint and BrendaMike and Chris
Time Attack driver Clint Boisdeau and Brenda.Mike Kojima and Chris Marion.


Sarah, Mike, and Kerryann
Mike shows off his Extenze cap, free with his yearlong subscription.


Stay tuned- more SEMA articles to come including Khiem's Nerds Eye View on tuner cars and cool parts!





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