SEMA 2012 Wrapup



Fiat 500
The Fiat 500 Beach Cruiser concept features a wide body kit, teak floor inserts, matte black paint job, retro red wheels, and a surfboard rack.


Fiat 500 Cafe RacerFiat 500 Cafe Racer
This is the Fiat 500 Cafe Racer concept towing what else? A Cafe Racer. A Cafe Racer is a term often used to refer to a stripped down, made for speed motorcycle and not a four wheeled car.  Given the Fiat's size, this concept fits its moniker.    

The Fiat 500 Cafe Racer has a set of lowering springs and about 4″ chopped off its height.  Lightweight wheels, side-exit exhaust, Lexan glass, half moon wheels, tin interior, and shaved door handles round out this stripped down Fiat.      


Fiat 500 Cafe Racer

Not sure if J Lo's butt can fit on these nominally sized seats.
Dodge Dart
The Dodge Dart – now in a pukey green paint job, a perfect twin to the Green Lantern Kia…

Dodge Dart carbon concept
The Dodge Dart carbon fiber version has the stock 2.0L engine wrapped in all sorts of black satin paint and carbon fiber Mopar goodies.  
Dodge Challenger
“Does that thing got a Hemi?”  Yes, it does.  The Dodge Challenger Daily Driver has a 5.7L HEMI and shows you how to upgrade your Challenger using off the shelf Dodge certified parts, from catback exhaust and cold air intake to lowering kit and front and rear strut tower braces.


Dodge ViperDodge Viper engine
This is the Mopar modified 2013 SRT Viper – it looks a little like a Transformer. It includes a lot of lightweight carbon fiber parts, including the carbon fiber X brace that is roughly 50 percent lighter than the factory version while maintaining the same stiffness and strength.


Dodge Charger Juiced
The Dodge Charger Juiced concept has an “emissions friendly powerplant”.  The Viper V10 Mopar crate engine is outfitted with all sorts of Mopar bolt-on goodies for a CARB approved 650 horsepower.


Dodge Power Ram
And a Dodge Power Ram thrown in for a good time 4×4'ing (3″ lift kit and stock 5.7L HEMI V8).

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