SEMA 2012 Wrapup



I'm sure MIQ readers have had a good fill of the FR-S after Chuck and Annie's article but the Scion booth was an FR-S-apalooza.

Evasive FR-SDrop Top Scion FR-S
A rear shot of the Evasive Motorsports FR-S showing off the Voltex Type 7 carbon GT wing.The “Masterminded” FR-S features a Cartel chop top, low body seats, and MV Designs wide body panels.

Scion also revealed the three concepts from their 8th annual Scion Tuner Challenge.  Three months ago, Scion gave three custom car tuners a 2013 Scion FR-S and $15k to spend making their designs come to fruition.  The grand prize winner was handed a $10,000 check.  Here are the three FR-S versions created by these tuners:

Daniel Song FR-S
Runner-up Daniel Song's FR-S GT is all black and carbon fiber wrapped, on the hood and trunk at least…  It has a Vortech supercharger, custom wide body kit and rear spoiler.  The interior is gutted except for a full roll cage and Sparco racing seats.  


John Toca FR-S
John Toca is the other runner-up with his Carbon Stealth FR-S.  It also has the Vortech supercharger, a tan matte paint job on full body kit, custom wheels, smoked lights, full audio system, Cusco suspension components, and black faux suede headliner with blue stitching, which also matches the door panels.


Chris Basselgia FR-S
The winner of the Scion FR-S Challenge was Chris Basselgia.  His Minty FReSh FR-S has a molded duck bill spoiler, smoked headlights, and a distressed leather and black ostrich interior.  This FR-S uses an Eaton M62 Roots supercharger, custom intake, and air to liquid intercooler under the hood and stops with the help of Neo Motorsports' brake kit.


The Stout Racing team is going to debut their FR-S in the World Challenge GTS class next March 2013 at the Streets of St. Petersburg event.  Driver Robert Stout will be behind the wheel of this FR-S that is equipped with a supercharger developed by a partnership of Stout and TRD.  The front splitter, doors, and rear wing are all by Vertex.

Stout Racing FR-S
Stout Racing FR-S


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