SEMA 2012 Wrapup



Avengers Acura super car
Assume the Acura Super Car as featured in The Avengers was real for a moment.  It would come with a palladium powered 80,000 TOHC, 32 valve engine with titanium forged block and nitrous fuel injection system with 9 speed Hyper shift transmission, and diamond quartz cross drilled brake calipers.  The steering wheel would have palm scan ID and you'd feel safe behind the anti-ballistic shielding body panels, low-density plasma emitters with UV flares, and a night vision HUD windshield. 
Acura super caracura super car price
Other security measures include a bullet and foreign element-proof clear coat and metal skin, bulletproof tires, and self-detonating recon drone.Alas, this is all make believe.  This car doesn't really exist and if it did, it'd probably be in the hands of some drug kingpin.  All for the low price of $9M.


Bisimoto Honda Accord Coupe
Nitrous Express wet shot chemical supercharger system, Bisimoto, catback exhaust, Burns stainless mufflers, JNF Chromoly roll cage, Progress coil suspension and sway bar, Gatorwrap custom body wrap, Carbon Creations GT Concept 2 wing – 401 hp, ‘nuff said!  


Honda Accord coupe HFP
The HFP (Honda Factory Performance) package includes 19″ alloy wheels, decklid spoiler, sport suspension package (lowers 15mm), front, rear, and side underbody spoilers  for about $4,650.


Honda Accord Sedan
The Honda Accord Sedan with Accessory X Package offers a “sporty, low profile custom look” with front, rear, and side underbody spoilers, sport grille, and wing spoiler for around $2k.


Honda B Spec
The HPD B-Spec Fit is designed to be an entry level car with stock engine and chassis but fitted with a competition roll cage, racing seats, and upgraded suspension concepts.  This Fit won the B-Spec challenge at the 2010 25 Hours of Thunderhill and the 2012 SCCA Runoffs.  


Honda CR-Z supercharged
The HPD supercharged CR-Z Sport Hybrid concept was here at the 2011 SEMA show but has  since been enhanced. This version includes a high efficiency centrifugal supercharger, air to air intercooler, high flow injectors, ECU calibrated to meet CARB regulations with 91 octane, and an HPD sport exhaust.  It makes 185hp at 6300 rpm. Stopping power is enhanced with 300mm disk brakes with 4 piston aluminum calipers. 


Muscle Milk
Honda loves to pay homage to its serious race programs. This is the American Le Mans Series LMP1 Champion driven by Lucas Luhr and Klaus Graf of Muscle Milk Racing.  The team won 6 races in 2012 as well as the Michelin Green X Challenge for traveling the furthest while consuming the least amount of fuel. The engine is an HPD ARS-LMV8, a 3.4L naturally aspirated aluminum V8 coupled to a HPD Newland 6 speed sequential transmission with manual paddle operated shifters. The chassis is a carbon fiber monocoque with integrated crash structures including rollover protection. It uses double wishbone suspension with adjustable toe, camber, and ride heights, four way damper units with separate coil springs and anti-roll bars.  
DSO Eyewear and Mad Industries
The DSO Eyewear and Mad Industries Honda Accord Sedan in White Orchard Pearl accented by a Matte Blue Metallic wrap by 3M. It has a 2.4L direct injection 4 cylinder engine making 185hp.
Evasive MotorsportsAcura ILX Endurance Racer
It is always slightly suspicious when a “built” engine has its hood closed.  What’s supposed to be under the hood of the Evasive Motorsports Acura ILX Street Build?  A CT Engineering supercharger kit and intake, Greddy SP Elite prototype exhaust, and Hondata FlashPro claiming 250 wheel hp. 

2013 Acura ILX Endurance Racer was built from a body-in-white by Honda R&D associates during an after work team building program.  The team focused on power adders and reduced weight using as many OEM components as possible including HPD lightened flywheel and racing clutch, motor mounts, and AEM cold air intake and custom-built exhaust system.

DW12 Indy car

This is the HPD DW12 Indy car, a replica of the Indy car driven by Chip Ganassi Racing driver Dario Franchitti in the 96th running of the Indianapolis 500, which he won.  The HI12RT engine meets regulations for a maximum of 2.2L and 6 cylinders.  This engine is a turbocharged, fuel injected, aluminum alloy V-6 with McLaren Electronics ECU and Xtrac 6 speed sequential transmission with paddle shift.



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