Paint Protection Film Installation – Project Tacoma Introduction

Suntek Ultra Defense

Excess material from the bulk product gets trimmed with a razorblade
As they are working the panels they remove the product and liberally spray more soapy solution to set the protection film just right.
The guys lift and re-apply the film for alignment. When you see this kind of attention to detail and quality it’s understandable why the cost for a quality job costs what it does.
On their recommendation we went with the extra thick film is 11.5 mils (.29mm) thick and the standard product is about 7 mils thick.
The guys really work the protection film with the soapy water. There are so many angles and groves to work with.
To get the wrap around the hood this was the one time I saw the guys pull on the product. One even pull with two guys did the trick.


  1. Psshhh, a year of training. I did this with no training! Did I mention, after I finished, I peeled it off and paid someone to install it correctly? Love this product, but would never attempt it on something I wanted to look good myself.

    1. Completely understood. A buddy of mine tried it himself when he saw the price. Bought $500 worth of material to cover his entire Tacoma for a color change and protection against Arizona pin stripes. I think the comment was ‘haha, yeah…there was a lot of trial and error.’ It was a full day in their shop for this install just to do the front 1/3rd with mostly two guys and up to five that knew what they were doing.

      I tried tinting my garage windows once and out of eight windows I think 2 of them looked decent.

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