Paint Protection Film Installation – Project Tacoma Introduction
Here they go on to work the hood edge by the headlight.
Then like the back, they trim the film leaving enough to wrap around the edges.
The mirrors templates were cut out of the plotter and applied.

SunTek Ultra

The fenders and mirrors were treated with SunTek Ultra.  Like Ultra Defense this product has 4 layers and is 8 mills thick.  First is the self-healing top coat.  It adds protection from swirl marks and scratches.  The second layer is a Hydrophobic Treatment to add to water beading properties to prevent contaminates from sticking to the protective surface.  Next is the Impact Absorbing Polyurethane, this is the layer that takes it on the chin when unavoidably an object hits your vehicles paint.  There’s additives in this layer that prevents yellowing of the product while still being 100% transparent to allow your vehicles finish to shine through.  Finally is the adhesive layer that allows the product to stay bonded to the vehicle surface and also removed safely if required.  Both SunTek Ultra and Ultra Defense are warrantied for 10 years against discoloration, cracking and peeling.

The grill surround is cut from a template.  Its adjusted many times so it sits just right.
A busy shop. While our pedestrian Tacoma undergoes the protection process a Porsche starts while a Ferrari GTC4 Lusso goes back to its owner.


  1. Psshhh, a year of training. I did this with no training! Did I mention, after I finished, I peeled it off and paid someone to install it correctly? Love this product, but would never attempt it on something I wanted to look good myself.

    1. Completely understood. A buddy of mine tried it himself when he saw the price. Bought $500 worth of material to cover his entire Tacoma for a color change and protection against Arizona pin stripes. I think the comment was ‘haha, yeah…there was a lot of trial and error.’ It was a full day in their shop for this install just to do the front 1/3rd with mostly two guys and up to five that knew what they were doing.

      I tried tinting my garage windows once and out of eight windows I think 2 of them looked decent.

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