Paint Protection Film Installation – Project Tacoma Introduction
More finger Jujutsu to get the protection film to bend and align in place.

DYNOshades by STEK

Stek is the product for the headlights to tint the housings black. It retains 93% of the original light output of the factory LED lens.  Unlike other vinyl wraps or tints, Stek has the same self-healing and impact absorbing properties of a paint protection film and is 6 mils thick.  And while tints can accomplish a similar look certainly they will diminish the light output of the headlights and taillights and offer no protection.  This is especially troublesome during the day when lights need to be at their brightest.

Wanting the headlights in smoke is tricky on the Tacoma because of the contour of the housing.

The meticulousness at OzBraz really shows in the work.  Sections of film are applied and re-applied and checked over and over by the employees.  In coding there’s a term called swarming where when a problem arises it’s swarmed on until it’s gone like bees attacking a target.  Our Tacoma is the target. The team, up to five at once, tackle the work until it’s complete to their extremely high standards.

Tricky installs like the headlight make for great teaching moments so you have a shop full of pros.
To do it right the template is cut into sections.  On a clear piece, the steam wouldn’t show.
There’s a slight overlap on the seam which gets blended and positioned until the line almost goes away.
A before and after picture here. STEK has a 7-year warranty and is 6 mils thick making it the thinnest film we’re using for protection.
If you know where the line was you can find it; maybe.


  1. Psshhh, a year of training. I did this with no training! Did I mention, after I finished, I peeled it off and paid someone to install it correctly? Love this product, but would never attempt it on something I wanted to look good myself.

    1. Completely understood. A buddy of mine tried it himself when he saw the price. Bought $500 worth of material to cover his entire Tacoma for a color change and protection against Arizona pin stripes. I think the comment was ‘haha, yeah…there was a lot of trial and error.’ It was a full day in their shop for this install just to do the front 1/3rd with mostly two guys and up to five that knew what they were doing.

      I tried tinting my garage windows once and out of eight windows I think 2 of them looked decent.

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