PRI 2015: Part 6

This Nissan GTR was in the Motovicity booth at PRI 2015. It may not look like much but I can assure you it is a total sleeper. In fact, chances are you would be embarrassed in a second if you rolled up to this sucker in your I-don’t-care-what-it-is-that-you-drive street car. Why am I so sure? Because this AMS Alpha Omega GTR runs a 7.48 at 193 MPH quarter!

Performace Racing Industry: Part 6

by Pablo Mazlumian

At last, we’ve reached the conclusion of the most extensive PRI 2015 coverage you’ll see anywhere. We hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have so far. But fasten your seat belts again because we’ve got one more, wild ride! (Technically speaking). And if you haven't seen the parts of the show previously covered here at MotoIQ, you won't want to miss them:

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Alright, let’s check out the AMS Alpha Omega Nissan GTR we saw in Motovicity’s booth, shall we? This thing is insane.

The AMS Alpha Omega Nissan GTR is powered by its own turbo upgrade kit using Garrett turbochargers, and the copious amounts of power is funnelled through an AMS 4.0-liter billet block.

Here’s a peek inside the AMS Alpha Omega. Aside from the carbon fiber seats, there isn’t a whole lot giving away the fact that this Nissan is nothing short of the true Godzilla of the streets. In fact, take a look at what a mid 7-second street car looks like with these bench racing numbers below.

0-60mph: 1.49 seconds

0-100mph: 2.78 seconds

30-130mph: 3.32 seconds—okay, by now it’s safe to say that everything it does under 130mph is done in a matter of a “few seconds”.

60-130mph: 2.28 seconds—that’s an acceleration of 70mph, but from a highway speed!.

100-150mph: 2.08 seconds—that’s as quick as an F1 car of today!

0-200mph: 10.49 seconds—for reference, the famed 240+mph McLaren did it in 28 seconds, while the 250+mph, 9.9-second quarter-mile Bugatti Veyron did it in 22 seconds, and the 270+mph Hennessey Venom needed 15 seconds!

This car is too good to pass up some impressive videos. If you want to see what the above information translates to in real life, including against cars you see on the street from time to time (there's even a comparison against a stock Z06!), we've embedded three fantastic videos on Page 10. Make sure to check them out!

Alright let’s calm down a little bit from the GTR madness and go domestic for a few rounds, shall we?

Here’s the BMR rear drag racing suspension package for the 2010-2015 Camaro. In its booth BMR had this Camaro flipped on its side, showing off the company's tie rods, trailing arms rear upper control arm bushings, adjustable coil-overs, anti-roll bars, and brake conversion for 15-in wheels.

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