PRI 2015: Part 6


Known at least on the Discovery Channel as most likely the baddest “street car” on the planet, this Camaro is the famed 1/8th mile king of the streets that made all of the Street Outlaw guys look not too good. In fact, because of his success on the show, Kye Kelly will now have his own show on the Discovery Channel. Check out the weight distribution tactics of the fuel cell, and how far the engine sits behind the axles. It’s no wonder this thing rips so hard off the line like you see on TV.

This Stevenson Motorsports IMSA Audi R8 LMS GT3 was easy on the eyes. It’s driven by Andrew Davis, Robin Liddell, Lawson Aschenbach, and Matt Bell. This car finished 15th (its twin finished 9th) in its debut at the Rolex 24 at Daytona just a few weeks ago, and has its sights set on the Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring on March 19 next.

Last year I featured the Argentine contingency, which came strong from the land of Dulce de Leche,  barbeque, and Lionel Messi, with six companies. This year, however, they were no less than twelve, plus the four other rogue companies (Ferrea, SuperTech, Graf gearboxes, and NA tires) featured throughout our first five PRI parts! Let’s go say “Hola, che!” to them…

With several little chairs and tables set up in the middle of the representing companies’ booths, it was comical to find out that several PRI 2015 attendees were using them as resting spots, and not necessarily meeting tables as they were otherwise intended to be used. The Argies found this rather comical.


Here are some nicely painted racing helmets from Glarribe Design helmets.

Check out this Glarribe Design, featuring some Swarovski crystal rhinestones for today’s bling-thirsty consumer base.

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