PRI 2016: Part 2


Check out Turbonetics’ new Stealth Series factory upgrade turbochargers. This one here is for the Ford Mustang 2.3-liter EcoBoost, and is reportedly good for well over 500hp.
This dual ball bearing turbo features Turbonetics’ new NX2 billet 52mm compressor wheel and a 52mm Inconel turbine wheel in a twin-scroll turbine housing. These wheels offer aerodynamics that Turbonetics says will give more power, and with a better response.
We're told Turbonetics’ new competition turbos with the NX2 compressor and turbine wheel aerodynamics will be coming out soon. They will feature dual ball bearings, ported shroud compressors, and will be offered in various sizes.

Turbonetics takes me back a ways. Around the turn of the millennium I recall running a ball bearing T66 turbo with a .81 AR P-trim exhaust side (and later with the F1 wheel) on an E36 M3 with success, as well as an old-school 60-1 Hi-Fi on a Porsche 944 Turbo (951), which was a blast as well.


Precision Turbo and Engine had a separate booth for its HPL with Boosted Technology fluids line.
PTE’s HPL line has now expanded its oils to range from the thinnest 0w-10 Break-in oils, all the way to 70wt Rotary race oils. They also offer ATF, gear, hydraulic, and shock oils, as well as octane boosters. Heck, they’ve even got engine assembly lube and gun oil.

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