PRI 2016: Part 2


Inside the FP350S you get an FIA fire suppression system and FIA-compliant roll cage, Sparco FIA Racing seat and quick-release steering wheel, and Sabelt FIA racing harness. Oh, and don’t forget the Motec data acquisition system. This car is like the perfect, factory-built Ford Mustang racer with no expenses spared!

Another vehicle in the Ford Performance booth was this 2016-2017 Mustang set on its side, showcasing FP’s rear differential-to-subframe, and subframe-to-body bushings, Mustang driveshaft loop, and the cat-back sport exhaust with X-pipe and side exit.

I’m not familiar with the Diesel aftermarket, but every time I come to PRI, the Scheid Diesel booth never ceases to impress. They’ve got 7-second quarter-mile runners making in excess of 2500hp with tri-turbo setups like this. Now that’s some torque!

If there was an ultimate road racer out there, it was the SIN R1. I’m a big fan of the Lotus Exige and Noble M400-types, but the SIN is simply awesome (I hate saying that for some reason). While they had it all apart while on display last year, it was fantastic to see the car all put together this time.

It features an alloy steel tube frame with carbon fiber body, and weighs 2750 lb. Propel that with a 430hp Chevy LS3 6.2-liter V8 engine located in between the rear wheels, and now you see why we love it.

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