PRI 2016: Part 2


Here’s a close-up of the largest cross-over pipe I’ve seen to date.

Coming all the way from France is Sadev, which makes real trick racing transmissions. This 7-speed sequential unit fits the FR-S/BRZ platform, and in base form it starts with a rating of 300hp and 260 lb-ft of torque, and can go up to about 480 lb-ft. Price tag, $7k. According to the rep there, this transmission with no tail will actually fit the E36 BMW chassis, too.

If you like Pro Mod cars, then you’ll love PRI because it’s full of them. Take this one, for example, in the Profession Drag Racers Association (PDRA) booth.

It’s based on a Camaro SS, and is driven by Brandon Snider, who pedaled it to a 3.486 1/8th mile at a whopping 219.47 mph this year. That’s a new track record at the Rockingham, North Carolina Dragway. Shoot, that’s a quarter-second quicker than Pro Mods trapping over 270 mph at the quarter mile!

Inside these cars, it’s all business. Dude, where’s the steering wheel? (Oh, there it is). In here you experience 4Gs off the line. These cars are no joke.

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