PRI 2016: Part 2


Brembo needs no introduction when it comes to brakes, and this year they’ve released a new caliper design to suit the track guys called the GTS caliper. What you see here is a 6-piston system with a two-piece, 380 x 34mm (15 x 1.4-in) rotor with “Type 3” slotting.

With the new GTS system the buyer ends up with is a braking system that will withstand temperatures that are close to the GTR line, but with a price point that is closer to that of the GT line, thus, putting Brembo’s GTS line in the middle. Notice the GTS line starts to sport the iconic brembo lettering that was only reserved for GTR professional racing brakes and beyond. We've got Brembo brakes on Project Supra, but with the crappy street lettering on the left. Brembo brakes are imported Stateside by Race Technologies.

Yes, this is the Indianapolis 500 trophy. It's also known as the Borg Warner Trophy. So, guess what booth we're in. In case you never knew, each head you see there is made to portray one of the past winners.

The Borg Warner S400SX-E line of turbos can range anywhere from 500-1575hp, depending on which wheel sizes are used. Compressor wheels can range from a 72mm inducer to 88mm. And turbines can either be 87 or 96mm in exducer size. This one here features the 80-mm compressor wheel…

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