PRI 2016: Part 2


The engine is controlled by a MoTeC M800 EMS, and is mated to a triple disc racing clutch and 6-speed sequential, paddle shift transmission. The cockpit also features adjustable pedal box and adjustable brake bias controls, along with dual racing seats and 6-point racing harnesses. I would love to drive one, but to own one we’re talking $175k and up.

TurboSmart has a billet replacement wastegate for the factory turbo on the Ford Focus RS to prevent boost drop at high RPM, and to help customize the boost level, which is ideal for cars running modified software.

These are TurboSmart’s direct-fit blow-off valves for the Ford Focus RS, which is claimed to have an unlimited boost holding capability and also features improved response.

Also new from TurboSmart for 2017, from left to right, are the firm’s new blow-off valves, fuel pressure regulators, and turbo oil feed filters.

We can’t leave today’s coverage of the show without peeking at a Sport Compact drag car. This one was in TurboSmart’s booth, and has that Pro Mod look but, wait, there’s something interesting about this one—Where is the engine?

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