Project 350Z- Building a New Engine Part 2


Our old crank was slightly damaged when the rod bearing spun so instead of turning it undersized we just got a new Nissan crank as a replacement.  The new crank was checked for straightness, balanced, oil holes chamfered and the journals polished.  Nothing fancy here just what should be normal good engine building practices.
Before installing the crank, Howard Watanabe measured each of the journals in 3 places so we could confirm journal straightness and roundness. By subtracting the main bearing bore diameter from the journal diameter we can confirm the proper oil clearance. This way we could make sure that everything was going correctly with our build clearance wise.  This is the way it should be done, not skipped or left to the use of plastigage.
The prepped crank was placed into the block after the main bearing hafts were lubricated with oil.
Next the main bearing caps are put into place after being lubricated.
The stud girdle and main cap bolts are put into place.
The main cap bolts are tightened down, first with a torque wrench then final torqued to angle to set the stretch.

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