Project 5.0 Mustang: Improving the Breathing With Ford Racing and Cooling with CSF


To fit that huge throttle body and feed all the additional flow capability, we got this Ford Racing cold air intake.  The Ford Racing intake accommodates the unique oval shape of the throttle body with minimal cross sectional area shape changing constrictions.  The aftermarket has simple rubber adaptors to switch the oval throttle body to a round pipe but in this instance we feel that the Ford engineered part is the better way to go.
The intake tube smoothly transitions from oval to round over the length of the entire tube.  The sampling area of the tube for the MAF is much bigger than stock.  This means the the ECU must be reprogrammed to run properly.  With the big throttle body and bigger MAF the ECU calibration must be changed or the car will not run properly for sure.  The plastic material does not transfer heat well and will help keep the intake charge cooler.
The airbox is rotationally molded plastic and shields the air filter element from hot underhood air.  The airbox draws cold air from the area in front of the core support.
The large air filter element is a high flow washable dry flow filter that you don’t need to oil.  It clamps to this machined aluminum velocity stack.  The Ford Racing intake is a pretty impressive part.
Since we were going to track our Mustang, we felt it was critical to improve the cooling.  We wanted to install the Boss 302 larger factory radiator but CSF showed us their racing radiator which was so cool we could not refuse to run it!  The CSF Radiator is a drop in part that has much higher capacity than the stock part.  It has an all TIG welded aluminum construction which can withstand higher pressure than the crimped plastic end tanks of the stock radiator. The CSF radiator is a dual pass part meaning that the coolant must reverse directions inside the radiator.  This makes the radiator about 15% more efficient without a corresponding increase in size or weight.
The CSF radiator has mounts so the stock fans can bolt right in and mounting pegs so the radiator will drop straight into the stock core support in seconds.  It is a true drop in replacement part.

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