Project 5.0 Mustang: Improving the Breathing With Ford Racing and Cooling with CSF


The Cobra Jet strut tower brace is bolted in place.
The throttle position sensor and drive by wire throttle wiring is hooked up.
The cooling system is bled and refilled.
The new Cobra Jet stuff looks mean!  This is definitely not stock.
With such huge changes to the entire intake tract including the MAF tube diameter and a throttle body two times larger, our Mustang would hardly run, idled at 3000 rpm and ran dangerously lean.  The ECU needed some serious tuning.  Most shops in our area that claimed to tune Coyote Engines gave advice like, well you need to get rid of the intake manifold, throttle body and cold air intake.  We needed a real tuner that could deal with big changes.  We spoke to Eddy Rios at Addiction Motorsports and he was more like, yeah no problem, bring it in.
Addiction Motorsports uses a Dynojet chassis dyno.  Note the large cooling fan for serious cooling airflow.

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