Project 5.0 Mustang: Improving the Breathing With Ford Racing and Cooling with CSF


The intake manifold and fuel rail bolts were tightened down. With O-rings you don’t have to worry about gaskets getting out of place.  Keep kids and small animals away from the intake to the plenum!
The huge Cobra Jet throttle body was tightened down.
Next the airbox for the Ford Racing cold air intake was installed.
The large dryflow filter element bolts to the billet velocity stack in the airbox.
The huge intake/MAF tube installs next.  Look how it is beautifully sculpted to go from oval to round.
Since the Cobra Jet intake manifold is much taller, we had to change the stock factory strut tower brace to this Cobra Jet one to clear.  The Cobra Jet brace has a big bend in it.

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