Project 5.0 Mustang: Improving the Breathing With Ford Racing and Cooling with CSF


Eddie Rios uses SCT Performance software to reflash the stock ECU.
Eddie took his time and first got the car to idle correctly and have good idle recovery when suddenly closing the throttle and pushing in the clutch from higher revs on the Dynojet. At first he worked with little load and dialed in the part throttle drivability. Eddie’s Dynojet has a pulsed brake and can load the engine somewhat.
With part throttle running smoothly and the engine having crisp throttle response, Eddie started to tune wide open throttle.
Eddie started tuning wide open throttle at lower RPM’s and worked his way up to higher revs until he could reach 8000 rpm.
Our final results were 429 whp and 377 lb feet of torque.  Where the engine would fall off at just past 6500 rpm, it now pulls hard to 7700 rpm with a much wider band of useable power.
Here is a before and after with our engine with the bolt ons on the Dynojet and bolt ons with the Ford Racing Cobra Jet Intake manifold, cold air intake and throttle body. 28 more hp above 4500 rpm all the way to 8000 rpm with no loss off bottom end power with an additional 1000 rpm of operation powerband!  The Ford Racing parts are a win, win proposition.

We are very pleased with how our Ford Racing parts have performed to date.  Stay tuned, in our next installment of Project 5.0 Mustang we will be adding some Ford Racing CNC ported heads and Cobra Jet factory racing camshafts for additional power!  Essentially we will be building a replica of the Factory Ford Cobra Jet drag car.  Good stuff!

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