Project DC2 Integra – Addressing Gaskets and Maintenance


With the timing cover, timing belt, and cam gears removed, the cam seals are next. 


Using a delicate touch and a high quality pick, Howard removes the old cam seals without having to unbolt the upper cam shaft caps, which saves a significant amount of time. 


The new seals are easy to slide on initially, but require a little bit of creativity to go the rest of the way. 


Howard uses a similarly sized bearing race with strategic and precise light hammer work to work the seal the final amount into position. 

Next is the crank timing gear that needs to come off to be able to swap out the old front main seal.  A bit of heat helps the stubborn gear to loosen up for removal. 


With the crank timing gear out of the way, the front main seal is a relatively easy task, but an important one. 


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