Project DC2 Integra – Addressing Gaskets and Maintenance


Once the solenoid itself was removed, it was time to clean and prep it for the new gaskets. 


Because of small crevices and channels within the solenoid, extensive and meticulous cleaning and drying is important.  


Once everything was clean and dry, the fresh gaskets were put in place so the reinstallation can be completed. 


With everything bolted back down, all that was left was to reinstall the plug wires and fire it all up. 

Even though the nature of these items are simple and relatively inexpensive, they can be the difference between a clean engine bay and all fluids staying within the engine, or a big seeping mess on a street driven car. For the DC2 like ours that will see both daily driving and track use, these maintenance parts could be the fine line between a great day on track or a dangerous fluid spill. Always stay up on the little things; they count the most. 

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