Project Do It All S13, Assembling the Bulletproof SR20DET Bottom End!

We Cryo and WPC treated our entire oil pump assembly.  Previously we had experienced failure from the oil pump pressure relief valve sticking causing a loss of oil pressure. Since then we inspect and deburr the relief valve bore and WPC treat the bore, the valve, and the valve spring to ensure smooth operation.

 We also WPC treat the pump rotor housing for low friction.

We Cryo and WPC treated the oil pump rotor for strength and less friction.  Unlike many other cars, SR20s are not known to break their pump gears but why risk it while we are in there!

Our main girdle and caps were cryo-treated.  We used Mazworks ARP2000 studs as we feel that they are the best SR studs on the market.  Unlike other studs, they have a bottoming tip.  The block was assembled and the main bores were checked for straightness, diameter, and roundness.  They measured out perfectly to the minimum of the factory spec.  Since the studs use a higher torque than OEM it is important to do all checks and machining with the studs in place.

We used an Ishiwata-Johnson crank scraper and windage tray to get the oil back in the pan faster.  SRs whip up quite a windage cloud and we wanted solid non-aerated oil going back to the pan quickly.  A properly designed scraper and windage tray gives more power, cooler oil temps, and improved bearing life.


  1. What are the boundary conditions for the FEA images? Something looks a little strange in how forces are applied to the little and big end… Are they not treating it as a pinned connection with bearing loads for the application of the loads?

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