Project Do It All S13, Assembling the Bulletproof SR20DET Bottom End!

SRs are not known to throw the harmonic balancer but we got this heavy-duty Mazworks balancer bolt from Enjuku as cheap insurance.

Enjuku also supplied us with these heavy-duty flywheel bolts since a drift car is subjected to clutch kicking and other abuse.

A lightweight Clutchmasters flywheel was supplied to us by McLeod Racing so we could run their trick low inertia 7.5″ dual disc clutch.  We will feature this clutch in future editons of this project.  The flywheel was precision balanced to within one gram and cryo-treated by CTP cryogenics for long life.

We are applying all of our tricks to our SR20DET’s bottom end for reliability and long life under racing and drifting conditions.  Stay tuned we will next be covering what we did to the head and top end to make lots of reliable power!


JE Pistons


K1 Technologies

CTP Cryogenics 


WPC Treatment

Enjuku Racing

Mcleod Racing

Ishiwata Johnson





  1. What are the boundary conditions for the FEA images? Something looks a little strange in how forces are applied to the little and big end… Are they not treating it as a pinned connection with bearing loads for the application of the loads?

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