Project Do It All S13, Assembling the Bulletproof SR20DET Bottom End!

The windage tray features this one-way mesh to break up the windage cloud.

We got the optional Teflon zero clearance blade for the scraper.  This blade can sit right on the crank without harming it to get every bit of oil back into the pan.  With this assembly, we noticed that our oil temps were 10-15 degrees cooler on racing SRs in the past.

With an increased stroke making more torsional vibrations, we opted to run this heavy-duty ATI elastomer balancer from Enjuku Racing

to help out our engine.

Most importantly the ATI damper helps underdrive the water pump.  SR20 water pumps cavitate and nearly stop flowing at around 6500 rpm and are the main reason why SRs are prone to overheating on the track. The ATI helps slow the pump down to avoid cavitation.

We also used this larger Stance water pump pully from Enjuku Racing to further slow down the water pump.


  1. What are the boundary conditions for the FEA images? Something looks a little strange in how forces are applied to the little and big end… Are they not treating it as a pinned connection with bearing loads for the application of the loads?

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