Project Do It All S13, Chassis Fabrication part 3 With ZSM Customs

If you have been following the progress of our S13 project, we have been working with ZSM Customs to do our track-worthy chassis mods for both safety and chassis stiffness.  We mentioned in previous segments that the car had unsafe seat mounts and a damaged floor. Here is how bad the floor was.  The S13 has a big floor hump for the OEM cat that makes it hard to mount a racing seat properly and many drift association rules used to not let you cut the floor. The previous owner looks to have heated and beat the floor down which resulted in the floor cracking.

ZSM designed a floor repair plate in CAD to patch up the floor without making anything illegal.

This was welded in place with new ZSM-designed super low-profile seat mounts.  The mounts are designed to be super strong with CAD-designed brackets that fully support the side mounts.  The ZSM mounts are many times stronger than the OEM mounts and typical race seat mounts.

To get the seat extra low in the tight S13 driver compartment, the ZSM mounts are actually sunk into the floor and goes all the way to the bottom of the frame rail.  This allows the mount to sit another inch lower.

Plates to seal the floor to the mount are cut but not welded in yet.

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