Project EVO X GSR- More power with Garrett, Full Race and Cosworth


The turbine exducer is much bigger on the Garrett turbo.
Once bolted in place he turbo install is nearly impossible to tell from stock.
There are few hints of the power we just bolted in to the casual observer.
Most importantly, the stock heat shield goes right back in place.  The plastic valve cover is known to melt so this is important!
A nice and clean install!
The Garrett turbo drove very well.  Thanks to the ball bearing center section, we noticed very fast transient response and boost recovery on shifts, the turbo zinging right up to boost.  It felt like the turbo had the same or less lag than stock.  We were surprised when the dyno showed otherwise, that the turbo was much laggier than stock, losing 54 lb/ft of torque in the 3500 rpm range.  On the plus side we gained 33 whp and 22 lb/ft of torque at higher rpm.  The Garrett turbo responded so quickly and zinged through the zone of lag so fast that we really felt that the additional lag was not an issue.  The new turbo pulled strongly to the fuel cut.  There is another 100whp available from this turbo with the proper fuel, but we decided to taper the boost down to 20 psi because of the 91 octane pee water.

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