Project EVO X GSR- More power with Garrett, Full Race and Cosworth


In an effort to get back some spool, we decided to try a more efficient exhaust manifold.  We decided on a Pro Stock manifold by Full Race Motorsports.  We had had excellent results with this manifold on Project EVO IX.  The Full Race Pro Stock manifold is designed as a direct stock replacement manifold, compatible with all of the stock stuff.
The Full Race Pro Stock manifold is constructed of thick walled schedule 40 stainless weld els, fully mitered and robotic tig welded.  The thick manifold assures long crack free operation for daily driving.  The thick wall stainless also helps retain heat in the exhaust manifold.  Stainless has half the thermal conductivity of mild steel.  More heat for the turbo means faster spool.  The Full Race manifold is also close to equal length with  much straighter entrance angles into the turbo.  We hope this transfers more energy to the turbine to speed spool.
To help retain more heat in the manifold, we had Embee Performance apply their titanium thermal coating to the outside of the manifold with their gold thermal coating to the inside.
Like the stock manifold the Full Race part is also a twin scroll for improved turbine efficiency.
Although the stock cast iron manifold is pretty decent and better than a log manifold, it is pretty obvious that the Full Race part is going to flow better.
Another view of the stock manifold.  A twin scroll manifold pairs cylinders 1-4 and 2-3, hitting the turbo with 4 discrete pulses.  This imparts more energy on the turbine wheel.  It also pairs the cylinders opposite each other in the firing order so one cylinder on the exhaust stroke is not going to contaminate another on overlap.

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