Project Fiesta ST, Improving the Drivetrain with Mountune USA and SPEC Clutch


The Spec flywheel also has a replaceable starter ring gear, nice if you happen to grind your starter all the time!
We selected Spec’s Superclamp pressure plate option.  A Superclamp pressure plate has over 50% more clamp force than stock with only a slightly harder pedal. The pressure plate is a diaphragm type and the diaphragm spring has extra long fingers so that the throwout bearing will have a lot of leverage to disengage the clutch.  This will help give a lighter pedal effort and more release travel which is important when using a metallic puck clutch disc.
The pressure plate also features double drive straps which doubles the strength of these critical parts.
The Spec Stage 4 disc has a lightweight solid hub and six carbon-graphite pucks.  Spec says the six puck disc is streetable but barely.  The lightweight disc will be easy on the transmission’s syncros and allow fast shifting.
The disc hub is solidly held to the disc with 8 rivets. The hub and the disc are both heat treated for strength.  The pucks are riveted solidly to the disc with no marcel spring for the cleanest and fastest possible release which is also an aid for fast shifting.
Removing the transmission from project Fiesta ST is the first step.

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