Project Fiesta ST, Improving the Drivetrain with Mountune USA and SPEC Clutch


The transmission was bolted back in place in the reverse order that it was removed.
Everything is buttoned up and ready to go.

With the limited slip in place, we have addressed a major weakness in the Fiesta ST’s traction department, we figure that just by adding a limited slip, we have probablty reduced the lap times around most tracks by 1-2 seconds, some tight tracks will have an even greater reduction in lap times. With a good cage, some aero, bigger brakes and a massive weight reduction, we are very eager to see what our Fiesta ST will do on the track.

In our next segment we will be taking our car to mountune USA to have the tune looked over, just in case our changing of the low pressure fuel pump affected anything, then it will finaly be time to hit the track!


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