Project GD Subaru STI Part Two- Performance Suspension, Wheels and Tires


We set the rear bar in the middle position.
The rear bar in place and ready to go.
For our interim suspension while we are waiting for KW’s latest and greatest, we installed a set of KW Clubsports.  The Clubsports are perhaps the best daily driver, all weather track capable coilovers on the market.  They have many design features to make them especially streetable such as OEM durable seals, Inox non-rusting stainless steel bodies with non-corrosive engineering polymer steel reinforced spring seats and sealed pillow balls.  These coilovers are probably the only ones that could survive daily use in a winter driven car in the rustbelt!  We have had plenty of coilovers fail due to corrosion in sunny California!
KW Clubsports are independently adjustable in both compression and rebound damping, a very important feature for a dual use car.  This is the compression adjuster.  It is super easy to get to, also an important feature.
This is the rebound adjuster, it is also easy to get to on top.  Note the anti noise gasket just like OEM on top.
The pillow balls are completely sealed against the weather.  KW is the only coilover manufacturer to do this we think.  If you look carefully you can see the rubber seal in this picture.

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