Project GD Subaru STI Part Two- Performance Suspension, Wheels and Tires


We equipped our car with some Advan TCIII wheels in 18×9.5 with a 45mm offset.  We used a Falken RT615 K tire in 245/40-18.  One of the big disadvantages of the STI vs the Evo is that it cannot run as big of a tire as the Evo.  This is a pretty tight fitment for not rolling the fenders.  If we wanted to roll the fenders and perhaps run an unfuctional amount of rear negative camber we could easily run a 255.
After we installed everything, we took our car to West End Alignment a few blocks from MotoIQ headquarters.  West End performs Motorsports chassis work on most of So Cals track day, race and serious drift cars.  Here Chris Nishimura sets our camber.  West End uses old fashioned mechanical gauges to set things.  If you have experience with doing racing chassis setup you know that alignment machines are not as accurate as the good old way of doing it.
Chris using the strut eccentrics to set our camber.
A strip is painted on the wheel and a scribe line made in the paint as a reference line to measure toe.
A toe bar is used to confirm the toe settings.

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