Project GD Subaru STI Part Two- Performance Suspension, Wheels and Tires


In an effort to reduce chassis flex and make our suspension more effective, we installed Whiteline’s strut tower braces.  The front brace is designed to fit around the factory top mounted intercooler.  The braces are made of extruded aluminum.
Here is the front brace in place.  It clears the intercooler with room to spare.
The rear brace fits within the tight confines of the trunk.
When installing the rear struts we drilled some holes in the stock dust shield to allow us to easily adjust the rear shocks even with the shield in place.
Look at the tight fit for the rear strut tower brace.
The brace is very unobtrusive and does not take up any trunk space.  The braces noticeably stiffen the chassis.  Now the car does some easy two wheel motion when going up driveways at an angle.

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