Project GD Subaru STI Part Two- Performance Suspension, Wheels and Tires


The rebound damping adjuster as it sits in the top of the shock shaft.  Having quick access to damper adjusters is very important. The Clubsport upper mounts  move the strut mounting position upwards to maintain wheel travel even though the ride height is dropped pretty aggressively.  We would prefer it if KW made the upper mounts adjustable though as the lower eccentrics don’t have enough negative camber adjustment for track uses without the use of a camber bolt.  We are looking for some solutions to get more negative camber now as we are currently limited to about 3 degrees negative now, plenty for street and weekend warrior use but not enough for serious track action.
The upper strut bolt is ovalized for more camber adjustment.  Check out the OEM quality brackets for the brake lines and ABS sensors.
The Clubsports are designed for a lower ride height.  Look how much shorter they are than the stock struts.  The remote reservoirs contain a rubber bladder filled with nitrogen.  This makes room for shock shaft displacement but keeps the compressible gas separate from the shock fluid for consistent damping.  The reservoirs also act like accumulators and reduce hydraulic noise from the shocks.
The front struts in place.
The rear struts in place.  KW Clubsports are perhaps the only coilover that is track worthy and all season salted road capable.
Our car set at KW’s recommended ride height is pretty darned low and looks pretty aggressive for a fully functional ass kicking car!

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