Project MKIV Supra: Part 11 – New gauges and instrument panels


Unfortunately, the factory Toyota clusters scratch super easy and, over time, they start to look like real crap.  There have been some good posts on, showcasing different ideas on how to sand and repaint these panels to either give them a factory look or something perhaps even shinier.  We almost went this route, but because we'd like to take out some of the previously drilled holes we'd done to accomodate other aftermarket gauges we'll no longer be using, we'll simply be starting fresh with new panels.


Here’s a picture of the left panel we’ll be replacing, which had cutouts on the bottom for that AEM Serial Data Stream gauge, a TEIN EDFC controller (the rectangular part) and a methanol injection-arming button—all things we’ve either updated or are relocating.  The AEM serial gauge, which can read up to 19 inputs (yes, it's like having 19 gauges in one) is great to have.  We'll just be relocating it to the glove box since we'll be using it for tuning and/or troubleshooting purposes only.

This new panel from AutoNation Toyota Gulf Freeway will make the left side of the car's interior look much cleaner, and exactly like it was when it left the showroom floor.  We simply had to swap out the original side-mirror adjustment switch along with the instrument cluster dimmer.  The dimming knob is a pain to pull off so be prepared to use a little force.

With panels off, our gauges are now fully exposed.  A couple of easy-to-find screws hold the cluster in.

This cluster will have three connectors to it and this plastic wiring loom attachment, which you’ll have to pry off with some muscle.

Most Supra owners who update their Supra’s gauge cluster with Stu Hagen also take advantage of his cool LED service to the HVAC control unit.  In order to remove this, simply take out the three screws holding it into place on the right panel. 

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