Project MKIV Supra: Part 11 – New gauges and instrument panels


On the front side of the door panel, close to the speaker, you’ll have two screws underneath the two covers (which are already popped off) on the far right.  But keep these screws separate, they are not like the others and have a raised portion so that those black covers fit over them.
We first attempted to separate the window switch without separating the entire arm rest from the door, but it wasn’t gong to work.  Go ahead and remove all of the other screws you see on the foam here, and everywhere else.  There are many.

With the armrest released, getting to the back of the cover, where its screws are, is a lot easier.  Remember to undo the connector behind it here as well.

These are all of the holes just for the front side.  There are lots of screws you’ll be dealing with.  We lost count after 30!

With the window switch cover removed, and held against our new one, you can see that although this is a small update to the car, it’s worthwhile indeed.

Make sure to check out our video on the next page, along with several possible combinations of Stu Hagen gauges on Page 9!


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