Project MKIV Supra: Part 11 – New gauges and instrument panels


The is the back of the gauge cluster after it’s been returned from Stu Hagen.

When lit, these gauges are a beautiful thing.  They're brighter and look way more up-to-date.  If you prefer to have the tach read to the factory 8000 RPM, you can get that too.  There is wide variety of combinations of gauges to choose from when going through Stu Hagen.

Here’s our 220 MPH speedometer.  We had originally chosen to go with one that read to 200 MPH, since it didn't look as busy, but we're happy with this one, especially since it saved us an extra 3-4 weeks over waiting for the backordered 200 MPH one.  However, while 800+ WHP should probably get us to 220 MPH, and we even have the gearing and RPM to do it, we probably won't be trying it any time soon.

Here’s a close-up of the fuel and modified water temp gauge.

As far as the HVAC control unit, there are all types of colors one can use.  We chose white, but with the red-for-hot and blue-for-cold AC temp dial.  We also have the A/C trigger button light up in blue, adn the defroster in red.  If you're going to do the other gauges, it's probably best not to skip these, leaving them in that dim green!

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