Project MKIV Supra: Part 11 – New gauges and instrument panels


And now for a little Stu Hagen gauges page display to show you what he can do. These pictures below represent various gauge setups oordered by his customers from different parts of the world. 

This combination appears to be one of the more popular ones, with “TRD” stamped on all three gauges, and the yellow- and red-coded areas on the speedometer. Also notice this 10,000 RPM tach has a different placement of the numbers than the one we've got, with the needle pointing straight down when the car is off. This is similar to the real TRD tach.
Here's one that is known as the Series 2, which is similar to how it was in the MKIII Supra.
How about this setup with the blue needles? Also notice you don't have to have the numerical values in the temp gauge, and you also don't have to have MPH on the speedometer if you don't want to either. 
This one gets even more creative, with separately lit “TRD” logos that show in the daytime, as well as all-red numbers.

Here is a nice setup for an automatic, which uses Acura-style gauges for a new-school look. Also notice the MPH numbers in the speedometer, which are in grey.  Interesting.

Lastly, this for us was a close second to the ones we ordered. The Acura-style gauges really give it a clean look, especially with no km/h on there and the numbers with no lines through them. But as much as we wanted to update the interior, we didn't want to stray too far from what we feel a Supra should look like. These definitely look good, though!
If you think some of setups are ugly up there, just remember what we started with. Would you stay with the dim, all-green stock setup seen here, or choose something above? Share your comments below. Don't be shy!

Thanks for reading!

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