Project MKIV Supra: Part 11 – New gauges and instrument panels


Here’s a close up of the air conditioning dial.  While it may appear that there's a dark spot on the “65” but that’s just the knob in the way, given the angle the photo was taken.  Sorry, but we just caught it today.  Rest assured the number is fully visible when looking at it head on.

We thought the blue and red would add a nice touch, but you can keep them white if you'd like.  Shoot you could even turn them rainbow colors if you want, since that seems to be the new black these days.


Again using the same camera settings as before, this picture was taken with the factory dimming dial turned to full bright.  Quite frankly, while it’s great for daytime driving, it’s just too bright for the night.  Ever notice how on every movie that you see, the characters in night-driven cars always have a light shining underneath them so you can see their faces?  Otherwise you wouldn’t see them.  Yeah, at full bright, these gauges are like that at night, and I can see my face clearly in the rear view mirror.  It's rather spooky when you're not used to it.  But if you want the drivers next to you to see your face, you can shine away.

With our factory gauges complete, we're back to the driver side panel.  You'd think we have super long finger nails with the way this is all scratched up, but as mentioned earlier these panels scratch easily.  And hey, this car also has 112k miles.

In order to get the window control switch cover off, you’re unfortunately going to have to remove the entire door panel.  Start by removing these screws underneath.  There are three.

Then pop off these plastic rivets on the outside part of the door with a screw driver.

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