Project MKIV Supra: Part 9 – The 2JZ’s running! Plus more fuel, new suspension, tires, dyno runs, and more!


The BFG Rivals wrap around one-piece Forgestar F14 wheels, which have actually been on this Supra since 2007.  The front 18 x 9 wheels weigh 19-lb and the rear 18 x 11.5-in wheel weigh in right around 20-lb.  While lighter wheels make for a faster performer on the tarmac, I've seen it all too often where lightening up the wheels will show less wheel-hp on an inertial Dynojet, both in boost- and normally- aspirated applications.  It's a little deceiving, but the important thing is to test with the same wheels and tires if you're doing a before-and-after comparison.

A friend of mine also liked the wheels so much he not only had a set installed on a modified Audi RS4 he used to own, but also just recently installed a set of the Forgestar C5FV on his current 700whp sleeper.  The color is Forgestar's “Gold”.  Stay tuned for more on this monstrous BMW M3 in the very near future!

TEIN Flex coil-overs have also been on this Supra since 2004, and I’ve been happy with this setup.  It's a nice compromise between the street and the track.  I recently sent them to TEIN direct in Southern California to get them rebuilt, and now the car has that new feel again.

Ryan Charlton at Modified by KC was our man behind the suspension install this time.  Actually, Ryan and I go back nearly 9 years of working on project cars together.  It may seem like an easy job, but building magazine project cars is really a tough task, especially on the installation end.  And while finding technicians you can trust and work with is easily half the battle, I've been blessed to have found the guys at MKC.

Here’s a shot of the front strut installed.  As you can see by looking at the grooves above and below the lowest portion of the spring, we keep the height about middle-ground.  With a few inches available to go down, we can go for the totally “slammed” look.  We can also run it a couple of inches higher than the stock setting, should we plan to race this Supra at the Baja 1000 or something.

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