Project MKIV Supra: Part 9 – The 2JZ’s running! Plus more fuel, new suspension, tires, dyno runs, and more!


One thing we did upgrade from TEIN is the Electronic Damping Force Controller (EDFC).  Having previuosly used TEIN's first version EDFC on this car, we were excited to try its updated EDFC “Active Pro” controller.

We still have to permanently mount it (and remove that IAT gauge since we don’t use it anymore), and we’ll be reporting back soon with a full report and video.

Like with the first version, the shocks are controlled in pairs (front versus rear).

So far, we can say this controller is absolutely awesome.  With its GPS-activated features, a driver is able to dial in 32 different levels of damping stiffness activated by a designated vehicle speed, or even if a specified G Force value is detected. 

That’s right.  So, if I wish, I can stiffen the car up several notches when I surpass 40 MPH, and incrementally stiffen it further as the speeds increase, and do the same when the lateral, braking or acceleration G-force reaches a pre-programmed amount.  It’s like a full stand-alone EMS for the suspension system!

Adjusting the height is simple using the TEIN-supplied wrenches.  I shy away from lowering the car too much because I tend to drive with the suspension in the soft setting, and so I don’t like it when the tires rub under hard cornering.  Plus I’m not a huge fan of the “slammed” look.  Maybe I’m just old.  I did lower it a quarter of an inch here, however.

In previous pictures you may have noticed shiny, big red brakes.  When this Supra was Turbo Magazine’s project car, a full set of Brembo’s “GT” four-piston big brake kit was installed, which features the same calipers used in the Ferrari F50.  I cleaned them up for this picture, and they still look pretty good after being on the car over 10 years.

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