Project MKIV Supra: Part 9 – The 2JZ’s running! Plus more fuel, new suspension, tires, dyno runs, and more!


I just have to mention this, because sometimes the simplest things can make working on cars so much easier.  I’ve found this magnetic sparkplug puller from Gearwrench a real blessing.  Because it's magnetic it always grabs the plug.  And, since it doesn’t have an inner-rubber piece that will inevitably fall apart over time, you can rest assured it will last forever.  If you have a socket puller that has its rubber coming off inside, and you need a new one (because you're probably using pliers to pull the plugs by now–been there!), I highly recommend a magnetic unit like this one.

In Part 8, we discussed the major components of our upgraded fuel system for the E85 fuel we anticipated using.  What we didn’t get to discuss in detail was the rest of the fuel system underneath.  Starting with the PHR fuel pump hanger, which we did feature last time, it’s got twin -8 Fuel feed lines, with a -6 return line, and can house up to three Walbro 485 E85 pumps inside the tank.  We are using two pumps because that's all we'll need.  As you can see, the hanger fits nicely in the stock location.

To complete our fuel system we ordered fittings, a fuel filter and fuel pressure regulator from Aeromotive, which is one of the leaders in the fuel components industry (and conveniently happens to be located 10 minutes down the road from me here in Kansas).  Make sure to check out our MotoIQ-exclusive Tour through Aeromotive headquarters!

Here's a close-up of one of Aeromotive's unique “Y” distribution block, which takes two -8 lines and merges them into a single -10.

Back to our Supra, coming off the fuel tank at the back of the car, the twin -8 fuel feed lines merge into a single -10 stainless line, using an Aeromotive “Y” fitting I had.  The entire fuel system was put together and installed by Modified by KC.

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