Project MKIV Supra: Part 9 – The 2JZ’s running! Plus more fuel, new suspension, tires, dyno runs, and more!


From here the fuel system goes underneath the car via a -10 line, which goes into an Aeromotive anodized -10 fuel fitler, with 40-Micron stainless-steel washable filter inside.  We just put a little protection on it to keep the pretty anodized paint from getting scuffed.

Aeromotive offers these fuel filters in either Red or Black.

These filters are nice to use because not only do they flow a ton of fuel (this one is rated for 2000hp), but they're easy to clean.  You'll never need another filter again.  In fact, the filter inside is stainless steel and removable in a couple of minutes.

From there the -10 lines go back to twin -8 lines to feed both ends of the Hypertune fuel rail above, thanks to this newer style Aeromotive distribution block.

Here we see the Hypertune fuel rail being fed by a -8 stainless steel line in the front, and the other stainless -8 line feeds the rear (which we can’t quite see in this picture).  Those two larger lines are responsible for feeding the blue 2150-cc injectors you see. The unused fuel returns via the -6 line pictured in the middle of the rail, going to the Aeromotive fuel regulator…

…and goes back underneath the car and through this Ethanol content analyzer so that the AEM Infinity knows exactly what part of the ethanol content mapping it’s in so that it provides the proper spark, fuel, and boost. 

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