Project SC300 Road Racer: Part 23 – Wider is better! Getting Clearance with a Wide Body Kit.
SC300 rear quarter view, car in driveway, missing bumpers, fenders, and side skirts
Ooh, she naked!

This is a really weird looking car when it has no bumpers, fenders, or side skirts. It looks a little monster-truck / offroad-ish.

The KBD kit had recovered to its intended shape, the car was stripped, and now it was time to head to the body shop to get the wide body kit installed. There would be surgery involved.


two guys looking away from camera at SC300 on lift with RWB Atlanta sign in background
Welcome to Classic Livery of Atlanta.

You probably noticed the RWB Atlanta sign. That’s because Classic Livery is one of the few places that RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF (RWB) has authorized to install their body kits. If that isn’t impressive enough, what about concours-winning restorations of classic race cars like BRE Datsuns? Not enough? SEMA Battle of the Builders? To say Classic Livery does good work is an understatement. But my car is a race car and a turd so they lowered their standards as much as they were willing to without sacrificing themselves or their pride.

As an example of attention to detail, we took a little over 2 full days to install the kit and fab everything needed. For one of those whole days, one of the Classic Livery employees was preparing a set of Porsche wheels for paint. 8 full hours, and then some, just to get the wheels right to be painted. They are not joking around here.


guy applying thin tape in a round arc to the rear quarter panel
Bryson Richards, founder of Classic Livery of Atlanta, is an old school body man.

He’s been doing this longer than you may have been alive, despite how young he looks. Being an old school body man, out comes the tape which looks like he’s prepping for paint. But this is just prepping the cut path for the quarter panel. Our old friend Tom who loves to drill holes is going to be super jealous.


Using a tool to draw a sharpie line on the quarter panel
Bryson didn’t like the way the freehand tape was looking.

So, he brought out this tool that would let him draw a perfect line on the quarter panel at a fixed distance from the OEM wheel arch.

May I remind you that this is all going to be invisible and under the over fender?


    1. You’re not kidding @MattAtRedondo ! Sometimes you have to step back and look at the long path you took to get you are before you can appreciate it.

      Just don’t try to add up all the dollars you spent. That’s a bad idea!

  1. Those wheels look amazing. As an aside, you really should always run valve caps at the track. I run the little plastic ones because as you mentioned – every ounce counts.

    I’ve had debris or dirt get into the stem from an off track excursion and cause a deflation. Caps eliminate that possibility. Looking forward to the next installment.

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