Project SC300 Road Racer: Part 23 – Wider is better! Getting Clearance with a Wide Body Kit.
quarter panel with thin yellow tape in a perfect arc
That looks just about perfect.

With the quarter panel taped and marked, it was time to get medieval.


Bryson attacking the quarter panel with an air saw
Right about this moment I started to get nauseous.

OK, I admit, there wasn’t any turning back when I put in the roll cage.
There wasn’t any turning back when I ripped out all the factory wiring.
There certainly wasn’t any turning back once we drilled all these holes.

But cutting a giant piece of the body out just seemed… wrong. I had a strong desire to maintain the factory body lines. I don’t know why. But this was the moment when that dream died. I guess an air saw isn’t particularly medieval, though, if that’s any consolation to myself.


perfect half circle strip of quarter panel laying on ground
I am feeling so uncomfortable right about now.

But, progress must be made.


cut quarter panel with much more space between tire and panel
No one can argue about the amount of space there now is for the tire.

That… is a very big gaping hole in my car. Did I mention I feel uncomfortable?


view inside cut quarter panel showing unibody underneath
Here you can see the outer skin that the quarter panel makes along with the inner unibody panels joined.


    1. You’re not kidding @MattAtRedondo ! Sometimes you have to step back and look at the long path you took to get you are before you can appreciate it.

      Just don’t try to add up all the dollars you spent. That’s a bad idea!

  1. Those wheels look amazing. As an aside, you really should always run valve caps at the track. I run the little plastic ones because as you mentioned – every ounce counts.

    I’ve had debris or dirt get into the stem from an off track excursion and cause a deflation. Caps eliminate that possibility. Looking forward to the next installment.

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