Project SC300 Road Racer: Part 24 – Wider-er is better-er!

front bumper sitting on ground in front of car, passenger 3/4 view of front

Project SC300 Road Racer: Part 24 – Wider-er is better-er!

by Erik Jacobs

When we left the SC300 I was throwing up in my mouth watching large chunks of the car be hacked out. Now it was time to continue closing up the quarter panels to prep for the over fenders, and install the body kit.

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using a grinder on the quarter panel to clean off paint and prep for welding
You can’t weld paint.

Or dirt. A clean surface is a happy surface. Here Nick, the welder/fabricator (at the time) at Classic Livery of Atlanta, is prepping the quarter panel to remove all the paint and expose the bare metal of the car.


visible strip of paint missing around the arc of the quarter panel
Here is a mostly clean quarter panel ready to be welded closed.


a role of masking paper pre-taped on one end on a stand
A trick of the trade – pre-tape a whole roll of masking paper for easy access.


man applying stencil made of masking paper to a sheet of metal
Nick used the masking paper to make a stencil of the gap between the quarter panel and the unibody, and then transferred that to a sheet of metal to then cut out.

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